Aug 2015 – Tour de Mon

I have circumnavigated Anglesey many times, always by sea so today although a complete rip off (£48) I decided to take on the lap on my bike.  I managed to get a cheap hostel in Holyhead for the night before the event, but booked the travel lodge in Caernarfon for the post ride party!!  Details of the ride can be found here (opens in new window).  Towards the end of the ride after the last check the heavens opened and after a while I thought I had gone the wrong way, although my GPS said otherwise.  It was a head down trip to try and keep the effect of the rain to a minimum and I t was only when I turned to look back that I saw I had the company of about fifty riders who had tucked in behind!  The finish was quite un-dramatice with me collecting my slate coaster on the fly while going straight back to load the car, and off to Caernarfon to get warm.